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Over the years, I have had the good fortune to partner with a wide range of clients. Each of them has been committed to making a change, learning something new, or setting a new direction. I have consulted with major corporations like Nordstrom and Qwest, technology start-ups like Egreetings and Knowledge First, as well as non-profit companies and academia. I've coached individuals and partners helping them make critical life changes.

In each of these settings I've found good people working hard to make a difference. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be part of their noble quests and for their testimonials below.


“In my business I work with top-tier CEOs and investors in the high tech industry. When I refer Sandy to them I always preface my recommendation with, “She's not like any coach or consultant you've worked with because she has actually been in the jobs you're in today, and she uniquely understands the challenges. She's going to work with you on your terms and be pragmatic about it-she's not going to write a term paper before you feel results.”Each time I've referred her over the past 15 years, I get a call from that individual who tells me that meeting and working with Sandy was the best thing they've done in a long time. Considering who my clients are, that's a very rewarding phone call to receive.”

—Robin Reed
Founder, Reed Shay & Company, LLC

“What's great about Sandy is her executive experience. She is a solid thinking partner and a very practical and effective problem solver. As an executive coach she brings out the best in me. Her skills and knowledge help me grow faster.”

—David Perry
CEO, Chemdex

“When I took over leadership of our company, I realized that I needed to learn to be a CEO very quickly. I had been a co-founder and very involved, but had been more behind the scenes. I needed to take over all aspects of the business and demonstrate our strength externally. I needed someone with experience and the right style that I could trust to help me make the right decisions. Sandy was the right person. She has excellent business background and skills. Her style is collaborative and forthright. She is an outstanding executive coach.”

—Pamela McLean, Ph.D.
CEO, The Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara

“Executive coaches are all the rage these days. Let me say that Sandy Smith is the opposite of a fad-she brings timeless wisdom, absolute integrity and nitty-gritty experience to her work. Through our coaching relationship, Sandy has helped elevate me from survival mode at work to a much stronger place where I can explore and deepen my leadership skills. No single person has had such a positive impact on me in my twenty-year work life.”

—Martha Danly, Ph.D.
VP Marketing, Ventro Corporation

“As a member of our board of directors, Sandy played a significant and strategic role in helping guide our Institute through a challenging leadership transition. Her knowledge of our organization, coupled with her business acumen, played an essential part in our organizational evolution. The strength and vibrancy of LIOS today is in part a reflection of Sandy's committed contributions.”

—Dan Leahy
Executive Director, Leadership Institute of Seattle and Dean, School of Applied Behavioral Sciences, Bastyr University

“I worked for Sandy in a software company. I can attest to her management and leadership skills. She brought us together as a team and helped us to become excellent individually and as a group. She's a people person with very strong business skills. She loves to solve problems collaborating with others.”

—Carrie Applegate
HR Executive & Consultant, Human Capital Corporation

“My experience having Sandy as my coach was remarkable. Her style of deep listening, asking the tough questions and compassion is a unique blend. I found myself challenged and inspired to grow and change in a very supportive and strong environment. I was able to successfully make some changes that have been sustaining and genuinely improved the quality of my work. Her keynotes are integrity, quality and elegance.”

—Debbie Daniels
Coach, Life Action Coaching

“I would highly recommend Sandy Smith for couples coaching. My partner and I own and operate a consulting business together. Sandy had been our business coach for some time, so when we had a major personal crisis between us, we called her and asked for help. Sandy has an intelligent, calm, and intuitive style. She has a wonderful way of making you feel that everything will be OK, even in the face of disaster. Her unique style helped us find our way through some deep and sensitive issues. In our work together, we noticed she could ask the truly hard questions with such grace, we could see things clearly and truly understand each other's perspective. At one critical point she dedicated her time to us exclusively for several days, and we managed to work through major issues while re-building trust and empathy in our relationship. We have now been together for 17 years and still work together successfully. We are deeply grateful for Sandy's skills and style.”

—Lorye George
Oakland, California


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