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My mission is to help my clients reach the goals they most want. To deliver on this mission, I have developed a collaborative approach and tools to generate sustained results.

Depending upon the engagement, I may work alone or in partnership with a group of colleagues. I work with a very small number of clients at a time, allowing me to offer truly personalized services.

Our services are grouped into three primary areas:

Each of these services is defined on its own page in this section, with further detail provided in the Workroom. The service areas, while distinct, also overlap. For example, my executive coaching work nearly always includes leadership development, and often we work on organization improvement issues as well.

Many clients ask about the difference between coaching and consulting. I view them as interrelated methodologies. When serving as a consultant, I bring resources to bear directly on the client's problem or opportunity. When serving as a coach, I strive to release and activate capabilities within the client. In either case, our collaboration creates a powerful relationship that fuels results.


The values below give you an idea about how I work and what I consider important.

  • Partnering
    Forming relationships of depth, courage and capacity
    Listening and sharing in constructive dialog
    Being willing tackle the toughest issues
    Telling the truth
    Offering clear and specific feedback
    Honoring the uniqueness in people and organizations
  • Adding Value
    Staying focused on results while seeing the big picture
    Releasing and increasing capacity, developing resilience
    Expanding leadership capabilities in everyone
    Meeting commitments
  • Fun
    Enjoying the work
    Daring to laugh at ourselves

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