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Leadership development is at the center of my practice. And at the center of every effective leader is a healthy, ever-growing human being — a person who is intentional, authentic and contributes to the organization in a highly-positive, visible way.

Why leaders call us

Leaders often need to change their perspectives, capabilities or approach. Yet they may not have appropriate resources within their organizations or social circles to help them grow. So we bring experience and capacity, plus objectivity, to help leaders effect these changes.

How I work

In working with leaders our first task is to clearly articulate the desired business results. We decide who will do what to accomplish these goals. It's not enough to achieve desired results by applying external resources. We strive to increase capacity within the leader and the organization.

The methods we use to grow leadership depend upon the situation. Sometimes we perform an assessment to identify individual leaders' strengths and growth opportunities. I offer onsite support, training and coaching to help leaders develop and integrate new capabilities. See Executive Coaching for additional detail.

Samples of what we've helped leaders achieve:

  • Take charge in a new leadership assignment
  • Effect succession planning, including leaving a legacy
  • Identify and make specific performance improvements
  • Develop skills to take advantage of a new opportunity
  • Establish a more satisfying and sustainable life balance
  • Improve communications with staff, board, external environments
  • Align people and resources toward most critical goals
  • Optimize executive team effectiveness
  • Optimize personal style to align with the organization's culture
  • Lead critical organizational changes (business models, merger, downsizing)

These beliefs guide my approach to leadership development:

  • Leadership skills can be developed in each of us.
  • Leadership development begins within, at the core, where values, passion, and beliefs are held.
  • Self-awareness, authenticity, congruence, purpose and intentionality are critical to effectiveness.
  • Leadership is as much about "being" as it is about "doing".
  • Leadership development, like human development, is an ongoing life process. It can't be mastered. One's effectiveness increases with thoughtful practice and interaction with others.
  • Leadership as a life path is a worthy pursuit. It can rewarding and challenging in its responsibilities.

You'll find more information about Leadership Development in the Workroom.

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